Greetings traveler. Are you ready to walk the path of the intrepid Realmwalkers? Then check out the latest trailer for Nightingale, revealed at The Game Awards! 

Save Yourself. Survive the Realms. Rebuild What Was Lost…

Presented in partnership with Intel®, the trailer unveils an assortment of new gameplay features, offering an in-depth look at how players can take their journey both above and below land in Nightingale. Caves allow players to explore the subterranean depths of the Realms, where danger and discoveries await those that brave their gloomy passageways. Elsewhere, use your umbrella to glide across the skies of the Fae Realms and look mightily spiffing while doing it (no nanny duties necessary). 

You’ll also see new creatures, combat and weaponry, all in the trailer below. After you watch it, why don’t you let us know what you think over on our Discord. 


These subterranean locations within the Realms range from natural-looking caves to underground abandoned Fae ruins, and include a variety of encounters. We’ll share more details about these encounters in future updates as playtesting and development continues.

Rock Climbing

Realmwalkers will be able to equip special gear that allows them to scale steep rock faces. 


Umbrellas can be used for so much more than just shielding you from the elements! Realmwalkers will be able to enchant their umbrellas so they can use them to glide from high places.

Shockwave Spell

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may have noticed that we teased a light wisp spell. Now we’re happy to showcase a spell which will stop enemies in their tracks.

Eoten Variants

Some of our creatures will have unique variants for certain biomes. Keep an eye out for these special Eoten while on your journey!

Flamespitter Bound

This new bound type is a bit of a hot head, and joins the 10+ other Bound variants which spawn at night and during other special encounters.

We’ll have more to come in the future, so make sure to follow our social channels for more information and sign up for our newsletter to get alerted for upcoming playtest opportunities.

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- Nightingale Team.