Greetings Realmwalkers,

The time has come to visit the Fae Realms and test the magic behind our portals: our server network!

For more detailed information on the playtest, including how to sign up and the exact start time, visit our Stress Test Details blog.

Some Important Information:

As we begin our stress test, we want to share some tips you should know before you play in Lands of Fae.

  • The playtest is open to everyone. We’ve changed our previous plans of sending invites out in waves. Now, everyone will be able to download at 10am MT and join the Realms whenever their download is complete.

  • You're more than welcome to try cooperative play! So, call up your friends or sync up with Nightingale community members.

  • Be warned, the server test start point is not the same as the retail version of Nightingale. As stated in our Stress Test Details blog, the start point in the test is to emulate a player 10 hours into Nightingale, so there are no tutorials.

  • Note that only partial controller support will be available for this server stress test and keybinds will not be available. In addition, this build does not have any localization and is only available in English.  However, Keybinds, more robust controller support, and many localization options will be available for our Early Access launch.

  • You may experience network problems and related issues while playing Nightingale during the stress test. These issues are anticipated behavior and the goal/purpose of what we’re trying to discover. Please keep an eye on our Official Discord for live updates throughout the stress test.

With those words of wisdom out of the way, let’s discuss a few tips to improve your experience with Nightingale:

Gameplay Tips (Avoid if You Want a Discovery Experience):

If you want to maximize your experience with Nightingale during the stress test, refer to these tips and tricks.

  • For the test, you’ll have many crafting recipes and resources unlocked, allowing you to experiment with higher-tier items and building components. Resources will be in a chest near where you spawn.

  • Press M to use the map to find points of interest, NPCs, and Abeyance bosses.

  • Follow Puck's quests to progress in the game and unlock Realm travel.

  • Make sure you eat food to keep your health and stamina stats maxed.

  • Some areas will be blocked by a Hope Gate, you will need to gather enough Hope to enter these areas. Hope is a combination of estate and gear. Estate score is collected by building near an Estate Cairn.

  • You have additional weapons in your inventory, press TAB to access them.

  • You can repair weapons with essence dust. To make more essence dust, you can dismantle inventory items.

  • Right-click while holding weapons or tools to use your secondary actions; two-handed weapons will block and one-handed weapons will let you dodge.

  • Hail can kill you. Make sure you have shelter with a roof to protect you from the elements. Or you can use your umbrella to walk around while it’s hailing to avoid damage.

  • You can find and use the Realmic Transmuter in your Realm. Realmic Transmuters can change various attributes in your Realm such as weather and physics. To use the Realmic Transmuter, you will need to activate it with a Minor Realm Card. For the stress test, we’ve provided players with several Minor Cards to use on the Realmic Transmuter so they can try it out.

  • Realm Cards are in your inventory, press TAB to open your inventory and click the Realm Cards submenu.

  • Use your sickle to collect more fiber and sticks than you would with your bare hands.

  • Open building mode (press X) to destroy or move built objects.

  • You can control how many items you move from your inventory to a chest or vice versa by selecting the item and clicking the move to inventory button in the inventory menu.

Performance Tips:

We’ve compiled a list of in-game and PC settings that will improve your experience with Nightingale. Read our Performance Blog if you want a more detailed breakdown.

  • Install Nightingale onto an SSD drive.

  • Ensure that your computer meets our minimum requirements.

  • Update your graphics card driver.

  • Close heavy applications (Ex. Other Games, Video Editors).

  • Turn down the global illumination setting to balanced for medium-end computers, and performance for lower-end systems.

  • Turn down your overall quality settings depending on your performance after the adjustments above.

  • Turn down shadows to get a small boost in performance.

  • Lower your resolution to 1440p or 1080p.

  • Use performance tools like XeSS, DLSS, or FSR.

  • The exact settings depend on your hardware, but for more performance, we recommend balanced for the best quality/performance ratio, or performance for lower-end systems.

  • Still having technical issues? Try rebooting your PC.

Network Connectivity and Multiplayer Tips:

These tips will help you with server connectivity. If there are server issues during the stress test, these tips may help, but if the issues are on our end, you will need to wait until we’ve addressed the issue. We’ll live update any known widespread issues on our Discord server.

  • Use a Wired internet connection

  • Avoid using other internet-heavy applications during play (Ex. Downloading Games, Streaming a 4K video or multiple videos, Uploading a video)

  • Turn off any VPNs while playing Nightingale

  • Keep player names short. We’ve found a minor bug that displaces the add to party button when player characters have too long of a name.

  • You can invite players using the in-game party menu as soon as you load into your realm, press ESC to find this menu. You can also party up via the Steam Friends menu.

Accessibility Tips:

We want Nightingale to accommodate as many players as possible. We’ve started our accessibility journey but will be continuing our support through Early Access and beyond. Here are some accessibility tips available for the stress test, read our Accessibility Blog for more information.

  • We have an arachnophobia mode if you dislike arachnoids.

  • Third-person camera mode can be toggled by pressing F5.

  • FOV sliders are also available in our options for those who struggle with first-person nausea.

That’s all for today!

Have fun,

- The Nightingale Team [Inflexion Games]

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- Nightingale Team.