Thank you, Realmwalkers!

On Friday we ran a short server test to replicate the launch conditions for Nightingale. We had almost 50,000 unique users login to our Nightingale servers over 9 hours.

Even better, our servers held together and the real-world data matched our simulated server stress testing, which better prepared us for launch. We also saw a decrease in game crashes since our last beta playtest.

The data we collected gives us some important insights into how quickly folks can get into the game once it’s available and what the ramp-up looks like into the evening hours.

We also learned that the communications sent directly from Steam may be delayed by several hours to days after a product is live. We’re sorry for the confusion and disappointment to those who received a delayed email. We’ve reached out to our contacts at Valve to see if this is the general expectation for their systems, and if so, we’ve recommended updating documentation so developers can better prepare for such a scenario.

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Player Stats

Aside from server stats, we also collected some fun statistics from our users:

  • Players created 49,286 unique characters!

  • Players opened 3,238 portals to other realms!

  • 297,936 Boars killed

  • 258,747 Wolves killed

  • 22,933 Deer killed (Regular and Demon Deer)

  • 495,333 Bound killed (All Types)

  • 4,655 Automaton Knights killed

  • 1,270 Automaton Rook Harvesters killed

  • 383 Automaton Bishops killed

  • 633,934 building pieces placed and 574,647 completed

  • The most popular building piece was a wall, 191,068 walls were completed

  • 137,005 Crude Wood pieces completed

  • 163,837 Crude Stone pieces completed

  • 196,684 Tudor pieces completed

  • 21,852 Desert pieces completed

  • 9,308 decoration pieces completed

We also saw content creators stream and record their experiences with Nightingale. We highly recommend that you check out their content, here’s some highlights:

We’re so pleased with their reactions and we love the feedback we received from them during their livestreams and YouTube videos. Many of us at the studio were tuning into streams and watching videos, and it was an honour to watch you all play our game.

Perhaps most exciting of all, Nightingale managed to crack the top 20 games streaming on Twitch during our stress test, with thousands of conconcurrent viewers tuning in! So thank you to all of the Twitch streamers who made that possible.

One other focus for us was community feedback. Over the test and the rest of the weekend, we received 190+ unique forum posts on our Discord stress test feedback forum. These ranged from network connectivity troubleshooting to the frequency of boars in the Realm to UI/UX suggestions.

We’re very appreciative of all of the feedback. Rest assured that we hear you, and have already begun working on addressing many of the core pieces of feedback you sent us. Some may be addressed for Early Access launch, and some pieces are being prioritized for following updates after launch, so stay tuned for more detailed updates in the coming weeks!

Thank you to everyone who sent us heartfelt messages about their experiences with Nightingale and the world we’re creating. We want to showcase a few photos from our community, join our Discord to see more!

Sun setting over a Fae Realm
Person pointing a gun at a seaside view
A person in Victorian clothing talks to Puck
Victorian home
Nighttime costal view
People looking over a Realm landscape

Our teams gathered so much information in preparation for the Early Access launch. We can’t wait to see you there!

Thank you again for your participation,

- The Nightingale Team [Inflexion Games]

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- Nightingale Team.