One of our goals with Nightingale is to bring people together and create memorable experiences for players of all backgrounds.

We recognize that there can be many different barriers that could prevent someone from enjoying games in the same way as others. While we recognize there will always be room for improvement, we want to provide a sneak peek into the accessibility features that will be available at launch:

[Click Here]

Some feature highlights from the site above:

  • Arachnophobia mode

  • Third-person camera mode

  • FOV sliders

  • The vast majority of in-game options will have single-key remapping available. (unavailable in the server stress test, supported at launch)

The page above is just the beginning; we already have an additional list of features that we want to implement throughout Early Access and we look forward to getting feedback from players as to what new additional features, or adjustments to the existing ones, would assist them in enjoying the game further. The feedback loop has already begun, as arachnophobia mode and third-person camera mode were implemented thanks to requests on our various community channels!

We’ll be updating this new page throughout development, and we look forward to welcoming more and more folks to the faewilds as we continue to make it an inclusive experience for as many aspiring Realmwalkers as possible.

Thanks for reading! For more news, click here. Join your fellow Realmwalkers and contribute to the conversation on our Community Page.
- Nightingale Team.