Greetings, Realmwalkers. We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership for Nightingale. We’ll be working with Intel® to integrate their innovative technology into Nightingale, including new features and optimzing the game for Intel® GPUs. This includes support for technology such as Intel XeSS (Xe Super Sampling) enabling more performance with high image fidelity. 

On top of that, Intel® is celebrating the partnership by announcing ‘The Ultimate Realmwalker Survival Giveaway’. Starting today, November 30th, Intel® will be unveiling prizes between now and The Game Awards on December 8th - where Nightingale will feature as part of the show. Prizes will include Intel® Arc™ desktop graphics cards, Intel® Core™  desktop processors and more, including a grand prize, unveiled on December 8th

To enter the competition and learn more, head to

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- Nightingale Team.